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Todd M. Mealy, Ph.D.  

Website of HISTORIAN and EDUCATOR, Todd M. Mealy

Legendary Locals of Harrisburg

The gallery below is a selection from the 140 individuals who appear in Todd Mealy's 2014 book "Legendary Locals of Harrisburg". "Legendary Locals" tells the story of people who lived in Harrisburg for any amount of time. Every profession is represented in the book, including police officers, firemen, businessmen/women, athletes, coaches, educators, clergy, politicians, musicians, community leaders, reform activists, environmentalists, entertainers, and more. Not all of the people profiled in "Legendary Locals" is pictured below. You will have to purchase the book to read each individual's biography and a see complete list of local legends.

(Author's note: Arcadia Publishing has specific requirements for their books, occupational quotas and contemporary versus historical quotas must be reached. Also permission for images must be attained. The author requests that you keep this in mind when reading the book.)

Take time to learn about the City of Harrisburg and use the images below to create a particular story about Pennsylvania's capital city. Share your story with Todd at [email protected]

BUSINESSMEN/WOMEN: Mary Sachs, Greg Sutliff, and Edward J. Stackpole and Sons

MUSICIANS: Dan Hartman, Jeffrey Gaines, and Susannah McCorkle

RADIO PERSONALITIES: "Mr. Pennsylvania" Peter Wambach, Tim Burns & Sue Campbell, and Rev. Olin Harris (far right)

ATHLETES: Al "Choo Choo" Chambers with Harvey "Haps" Boyer, Jeremy Linn, and Jimmy Jones.

ENTERTAINERS: Nancy Kulp, Carmen Finestra, and Pauline Moore.

ENTERTAINERS: Nancy Kulp, Carmen Finestra, and Pauline Moore.

ENVIRONMENTALISTS: Mira Lloyd Dock, J. Horace McFarland, and Ralph Kinter (standing in middle).

SOCIAL REFORMERS: Lavinia Lloyd Dock (Suffragist), Ann Durr Lyon (left) with mother Virginia Durr (friend of Rosa Parks), and Thomas Morris Chester (journalist).