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Todd M. Mealy, Ph.D.  


Todd M. Mealy, Ph.D.

[email protected]


Ph.D. in American Studies

Concentration/Sub Fields: Race & Society and Sports Culture

Humanities Department, Penn State University, Spring 2018

Dissertation: War Seasons: Glenn Killinger, Service Football, and the Birth of the American Hero in Postwar American Culture

Committee Members: Dr. Charles Kupfer (Chair/Advisor), Dr. Simon Bronner, Dr. John Haddad, Dr. Raffy Luquis, Dr. Peter Kareithi

M.A. in American Studies

Penn State University-Harrisburg, 2014 

B.A. in Secondary Education

Concentration: Social Studies

Millersville University, 2001

Study Abroad Experience: Oxford University, Wadham College, Oxford, United Kingdom

Research Fields: Civil Rights/Black Power Movement, Abolition Movement/Underground Railroad, Sports and Culture, Critical Race Studies


Leading for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education, 2019

University of Michigan, John Burkhardt, Professor of Clinical Practice

Pennsylvania Teaching Certification: Secondary Education, 6-12 2001-Present


Equity Institute for Race Conscious Pedagogy, LLC, 2020-Present

Founder and Executive Director

The Bond Educational Group, 2019-Present

Director of Equity and Instruction, Non-profit 501(c)3

Adjunct Faculty, History Department, 2019-Present

Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

Teacher, Social Studies Department, 2007-Present

Penn Manor High School, Penn Manor School District

Teacher, Social Studies Department, 2001-2007

J.P. McCaskey High School, School District of Lancaster


The History of Race, Gender and American Sports (Dickinson College)

American History, 1877 to Present (Dickinson College)

Landmarks of the Underground Railroad (Dickinson College)

AP Seminar: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender (Penn Manor)

United States History 2 (Penn Manor)

IB History of the Americas (McCaskey)

IB Twentieth Century Topics (McCaskey)


  • Equity Institute for Race-Conscious Pedagogy, LLC, Founder, 2020-Present
  • True Colors, Co-Founder, 2021-Present
  • RCP Publishing, a publishing company in the Equity Institute for Race-Conscious Pedagogy, LLC, 2020-Present
  • The Bond Educational Group, Director of Equity and Instruction, 2019-Present
  • Penn Manor School District Equity Committee, 2018-2019
  • Pennsylvania School Board Association Equity Task Force, 2018-2019


Sue Samuelson Award, Penn State University, Harrisburg, 2018

Recognizes outstanding academic achievement by a doctoral student in American Studies

John S. Patterson Award, Penn State University, Harrisburg, 2014

Recognizes outstanding academic achievement by an M.A. student in American Studies.



(Forthcoming) Jane Elliott, A Shade of Brown: The Authorized Biography (Projected 2023)

(In Production) Editor: Equity in the Classroom: Essays on Curricular and Pedagogical Approaches to Empowering All Students (RCP Publishing and McFarland & Company, Inc., Two Volumes, Forthcoming 2022 and 2023)

(In Production) The N-Word in Music: An American History (McFarland & Company, Inc., March 2022)

Race Conscious Pedagogy: Disrupting Racism at Majority White High Schools (McFarland & Company, Inc., 2020)

Displaced: Surviving the Holocaust and the Road to a New Beginning with Linda Schwab (Sunbury Press, 2019)

Glenn Killinger, All-American: Penn State's World War I Era Sports Hero (McFarland & Company, Inc., 2018)

This Is the Rat Speaking: Black Power and the Promise of Racial Consciousness at Franklin and Marshall College in the Age of the Takeover (iUniverse, 2017)

From the Pews: The Story of the Bethel AME Church In Harrisburg (Sunbury Press, authored a chapter, 2015)

Legendary Locals of Harrisburg (Arcadia Publishing, 2014)

Aliened American: A Biography of William Howard Day, 1825-1900 (2 Volumes, 2010)

Biography of an Antislavery City: Antislavery Advocates, Abolitionists, and Underground Railroad Advocates in Harrisburg, PA (2007)


"The Fastest Man on Earth: Barney Ewell and the Story of Two Lost Olympics" (Pennsylvania Heritage, April 2022)

"Without Fear and Without Reproach: Octavius V. Catto and the Early Civil Rights Movement in Pennsylvania" (Pennsylvania Heritage, January 2021)

"Fighter's Heaven: Muhammad Ali's Training Camp in the Pennsylvania Wilderness" (Pennsylvania Heritage, September 2020)

"Art Activists Unveil Harrisburg's First Monument Honoring African American Trailblazers." (Pennsylvania Heritage, Forthcoming September 2020)

"Indomitable: Ora Washington, Philadelphia's Ultimate Sports Trailblazer" (Pennsylvania Heritage, January 2020)

"100 Years: The Penn State-Pitt Rivalry" (Pennsylvania Heritage, June 2019)

"I Must Be An Abolitionist": Pennsylvania Liberty Man Francis Julius LeMoyne (Pennsylvania Heritage, December 2017)

"Keep the Boys in College: How World War I Produced a Penn State Football Legend" (Pennsylvania Heritage, December 2016)

"Breaking the Color Line: The Trial that Led to the End of Legal Segregation in Pennsylvania's Schools" (Pennsylvania Heritage, June 2016)

"The Case for the League that Pioneered the Civil Rights Movement" (Pennsylvania Heritage, September 2010).

"The Women of Harrisburg and the Garnet Equal Rights League" (Showtime Magazine, October 2010)

"The Garnet Equal Rights League" (American Heritage, July 2010)


Antiracist Summit, Millersville University. "Pedagogy, Patience, and Persistence: An Academic Equity Curriculum Guide for Educators." April 1, 2021

The Equity Summit. - "How to Disrupt Racism at Majority White Schools." Washington D.C. February 2, 2021

National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) Conference - "Living Multicultural Education: Peace & Justice thru the Ballot Box and Activism." October 8-10, 2020. Presentation title: "Teaching Race to White Students: How to Disrupt Racism at Majority White High Schools"

Moderator, "A Conversation 'With' Injustice." (Panel Moderator) Alvernia University. Reading, Pennsylvania. September 17, 2020

Panelist, "A Gathering at the Crossroads: Historians of the Post-Civil War on Black Lives Matter." The Frances Project and the Peace Promenade Monument Project Association. August 12, 2020.

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Panelist, "Race in America, After George Floyd." Community Now Session Webinar, Lancaster (PA) YWCA, June 4, 2020.

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